Monday, 31 October 2011

Suspected Gacy Victim Found Alive in Florida

While Sherry Marino awaits the exhumation of the body she was told was her son, a victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy, another suspected victim has been found alive in Florida.

Harold Wayne Lovell disappeared when he was 19. Looking for work in construction, the tall, skinny teen was exactly Gacy’s ‘type’. Young Harold did cross paths with the “Killer Clown” but he had never gone to his house. Instead, he went to South Florida, escaping a family where he “never felt wanted”.

His family, not knowing what happened, always suspected that Harold (who now goes by Wayne) was a victim of Gacy. With the recent exhumation of the eight unidentified victims, Lovell’s family assumed they would discover the worst and were prepared to submit for DNA testing.

Instead, a family member, Harry Hasselberg, did a search in and found a hit in 2006 for Harold Wayne Lovell for a marijuana charge. A little more sleuthing and a few phone calls and Lovell was on his way on a ten hour drive from Tampa to Alabama.

Suddenly, a family’s fear and uncertainty turned to joy. After three decades, Lovell was reunited with his siblings and is working hard on how this will change his life. Lovell is excited at being reunited with his family but says he needs some rest. Catching up on 33 years in two days can be tiring.

The result might not be as good for eight other families as Cook County Sheriff’s Office begins DNA testing on the unidentified victims recently exhumed.

However, Tim Lovell, who is thrilled to have his big brother back has advice for others searching for missing family members. “Don’t quit looking.”

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