Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Serial Killer Hides Behind Pseudonym

The issues regarding convicted serial killer Charles Kembo continue to mount up.

Let’s start with some of the facts about Kembo, the serial killer.

A refugee from Malawi, Kembo lived in Richmond, British Columbia. Sorry to say, another Canadian serial killer. In this case, a killer for profit.

Kembo killed his wife, Margaret, in October 2002. At least, that is when she went missing. Her body was never found.

Then, after taking out an $800,000 insurance policy on his business partner, Arden Samuel, Kembo strangled him in November 2003. He also cut off his penis and stuffed it in his pocket, leaving racist notes to try and turn the investigation toward a racially motivated crime.

The body of Kembo’s former girlfriend, Siu Yin Ma, was discovered in November 2004, eight months before he murdered his 21-year-old stepdaughter, Rita Yeung, in July 2005.

The murders were part of an elaborate plan to steal identities and set up false bank accounts for fraudulent schemes. Kembo’s trial began in January of 2010 and he was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in jail without parole in June 2010.

Unfortunately, that is not the end of the story for this serial killer.

Now there is Kembo the author.

Kembo, who had various identities while not in jail, continues to hide behind at least one further identity…children’s author J. D. Bauer, according to The Province. Bauer’s book, about superhero kids who help save the planet’s water supply, is still available on Amazon. The book became available at the same time that Kembo began his murder trial.

There is also a Facebook page for SuperKidds that lists the author as a 41-year-old female who enjoys “spending time outside writing new chapters to my adventure series”. I guess the exercise yard qualifies as outdoors.

As someone who has considered using a pen name (until my ego wouldn’t let someone else get credit for my work), I can’t argue against using an alter ego for your writing.

Does he have the right to sell his book under a pseudonym?

Of course. Kembo is not profiting from his crimes, the book has nothing to do with his murders.

Do we have the right to be pissed off about it?

You bet.

And we can do the same thing that we do when we are upset about any other company. Boycott and get the word out through social media.

He only profits if anyone buys the book. Don't support him and make sure everyone else knows not to buy the book!

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